So disagreeable.

Original blog:

An art dump specifically made for Colress andSiebold doodles/fanart/paraphernalia/whatever.
ALL ART IS ORIGINAL. Please do not use without my permission.

It’s been too long!

I got hooked on MiiVerse. Spent over 5 minutes marveling at how seductive handsome I made Colress’s face look.
Dear Arceus what am I doing…


the league of super acquaintances

Gotta relearn how to draw humans.
Currently I’m breeding for shinies so I’m sparing no time for making a new wallpaper for the blog nor completing my current projects. Waaah, so sorryyy. ;_;

Holy cow, where are these random followers coming from? o_o

I’m so sorry I’ve been breeding my ass off so I couldn’t draw anything.. I promise to get something up before this month ends. Yakusoku~

The most disagreeable ship I want to propose: Colress and Siebold. That’s why I’m here. I should open submissions for fan art from people who agree they should be shipped. :3

Just imagine! On a ship, in the kitchens, finding out how to draw magnificent flavors and the potential of food.

I’m sorry Siebold-sama, please don’t hurt meee! T___T
Don’t kill me. :c

Don’t kill me. :c

Ahelm.. Yes, I changed my name because I fell in love with Colress’s brother/cousin/piloting instructor Siebold.